Students: theses & dissertations

Pre-award PhD theses, Masters and undergraduate essays and dissertations 

Polite Notice . . . .    Work which is to be submitted for assessment must follow academic best practice. Your institution has a policy on this: check it out. I help you to improve the way you say what you’re saying but the work must stay yours. That is, I do not ‘take over’ your work and rewrite it. See also Terms and Conditions #2.

What do I do for your work?

  • Correct the spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax;
  • Tell you where it needs re-writing for clarity, structure or consistency;
  • Highlight problems with the referencing style;
  • That is, I help you say what you wish to say, more effectively.

Topics: Between my HE teaching in the UK and my work with European academics, my list of topics tackled in editing and proofreading includes: Alternative Technology, Anthropology, Architecture, Business, Classical History, Economics, Education, Energy, Environment, Epidemiology, Geomorphology, Gene therapies; Modern History, Organic agriculture, Psychology, Sociology and Statistics. I also ‘passed a test’ with a team of medical researchers at the university of Milan for proofreading their papers. I am confident and happy to take on new work in any topic area.

You will, I hope, learn a lot, be more confident about submitting your work and be better prepared for seminars and vivas.

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