Based in Lancaster from September 2013, I am a recently retired university Programme Leader and an Associate of SfEP, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

I provide an excellent service: to the brief, to the budget and to the deadline but – above all – to the highest standard.

Who is it for?

Academics – papers, books, post-award PhD theses

Business – reports, marketing text etc

Publishers – all interesting ideas considered

HE Course providers – modules researched & edited

Students – pre-award PhD theses, Masters dissertations


ITALIA: Correzione di bozze per il mondo accademico italiano . . .

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FRANCE: Révision et correction de textes académiques . . .

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ESPAÑACorrección de pruebas y redacción en inglés l . . .

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DEUTSCHLAND: Korrektorat und Lektorat englischsprachiger Texte . . .