English language academic proofreading: papers, theses and books written in, or translated into, English. I work with university teachers, researchers and PhD students, mainly in Europe, wishing to publish in English.

I correct mistakes of grammar and syntax and – importantly – advise on style and impact. Now with ten years’ experience of editing and proofreading, following much relevant teaching experience.

Recent recommendations:

Damian Randle has done occasional proofreading for me in the last 8 years. I greatly appreciated his scrupulous and attentive work. Not only he has always been reliable and respectful of deadlines, he has also provided me with crucial linguistic suggestions that have enhanced the quality of my writing. 

M.G., Researcher, Anthropology, Universities of Pavia and Bayreuth

I like working with Damian because in addition to being fast and effective he is able to penetrate and understand the text and the material and therefore always give very useful and relevant suggestions.

Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Milano-Bicocca

Damian Randle is a reliable and generous editor: he always offers comments and suggestions to improve your text and waits for your replies, looking for the best solution. He is also a nice person, with a sense of humour which makes working with him enjoyable.

Professor, Psychology, University of Verona

Damian is conscientious, communicative, fast, accurate and good-humoured: it’s a pleasure to work with him when finalising papers for publication.”

Director of Research, UK University Business School.

I can recommend Damian Randle for proofreading English. I was successfully assisted many times by his editing of my scientific manuscripts.

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, University of Milan, Dept of Health Science

I have collaborated with Damian Randle for seven years on academic proofreading, revising papers for high-impact journals and project proposal for international calls. I can undoubtedly affirm that Damian’s work has always reached an excellent level of quality and he has always been punctual and precise and I think that he is one to be trusted. He has high levels of competences, academic writing skills and great culture and knowledge. Furthermore, he has always been helpful and kind in human relationships.

Professor, Psychology, University of Verona

Damian was undoubtedly a great help in the final stage of my PhD thesis because, unlike others, he did not limit himself to reviewing grammar, expressions or sentences construction but contributed with important suggestions to improve the structure of the thesis. I am very thankful for all the help!

H. R. L., National School of Public Health, Portugal