How does it work?

1.  What happens?

a) You send me the whole text or a representative sample.

b) I quote a fee which includes all the time required for the initial set-up, then the four-stage editing process, which goes as follows:- I do the proofreading onscreen [with tracked changes] & off; you respond to my suggested corrections, comments and questions; I reply to your responses and we produce the final version.

2.  Calculation of fees

a) Admin start-up fee: £25 [up to 20,000 words] or £50 [over 20,000 words].

b) Rate per word: £0.01 – £0.029 (1p. – 2.9p.), depending on my estimate of the difficulty of the task, which derives from the level of English per se and the degree of clarity of meaning and structure. For advice aimed at minimising the fee, ask for ‘Note to potential client’.

Examples for an 8,000-word text would be:

–  Poor English and/or very unclear, complex text: £25 + (8000 x £0.025) = £225

–  Middling English, medium complexity and clarity: £25 + (8000 x £0.018) = £169

–  Very good English and simple, clear text: £25 + (8000 x £0.013) = £129.

c) For theses and books the fee is reduced by 10% to reflect my economies of scale.

Examples for an 80,000-word text would be

–  Poor English and/or very unclear, complex text: (£50 + (80,000 x £0.025)) x .9 = £1845

–  Middling English, medium complexity and clarity: (£50 + (80,000 x £0.018)) x .9 = £1341

–  Very good English and simple, clear text: (£50 + (80,000 x £0.013)) x .9 = £981

3. Timing and methods of payment:

a) If the fee is less than £300 you pay after completion of the work, on receipt of an invoice;

b) If the fee is more than £300 there are three stages:

¼ in advance,  ¼ half-way through the project and ½ on completion.

c) All fees are quoted in, and are payable in, £ GBP Sterling, by direct bank transfer or via TransferWise.

d) Please note: I work as a freelance, not registered for VAT (IVA, TVA, MwSt). Please check whether this will cause problems if the work is to be paid for by your institution and how they might be resolved.

4. Format of text submission:

Documents should be in MS Word or Rich Text Format, formatted as follows.

12 pt for normal text throughout;

– consistently-sized headings (use a maximum of three sizes: 12pt bold, 14 pt bold and 18pt bold);

– 1½-line spaced throughout the document;

margins set at 2 cm all round throughout the document.

– a ‘footer’, in 8pt, on each page, with your name, the date, abbreviated title and page number.

[ . . .  thank you for making my life easier . . .  🙂 ]