How does it work?

1. What happens?

a) You send me the whole text or a representative sample.

b) I provide a quote which you can rely on, assuming, if you sent a sample, that it is representative; if not we will renegotiate amicably  . . .

The fee includes all the time required for the initial set-up, then the four-stage editing process, which goes as follows:-

–  my on-screen edit,

–  my second check with a hard copy,

–  you respond to my suggested corrections, comments and questions,

–  I reply to your responses and produce the final version.

c) We agree on the fee and the deadline(s).

d) Off we go 🙂


2. Calculation of fees

a) i) Paper or chapter-length: an admin start-up fee, £25.

ii) A rate per word, £0.01 – 0.029 (1p. – 2.9p.), depending on the level of English and the clarity of the text, or lack of it.

iii) Here are three roughly illustrative examples for an 8,000 word text:-

–  Poor English and/or very unclear, complex text: £25 + (8000 x £0.027) = £241

–  Middling English, medium complexity and clarity: £25 + (8000 x £0.017) = £161

–  Very good English and simple, clear text: £25 + (8000 x £0.01) = £105


b) i) Thesis or book-length: an admin start-up fee, £50.

ii) Word rate as at 2 a) ii)

iii) The resulting sum is multiplied by 0.9 to reflect my economies of scale.

iv)  Three roughly illustrative examples for a 100,000 word text:-

–  Poor English and/or very unclear, complex text: (£50 + (100,000 x £0.024)) x .9 = £2205

–  Middling English, medium complexity and clarity: (£50 + (100,000 x £0.017)) x .9 = £1575

–  Very good English and simple, clear text: (£50 + (100,000 x £0.01)) x .9 = £945


3.  Timing and methods of payment:

– If the fee is less than £300 you pay on receipt of an invoice, which is sent on completion of the work;

– If the fee is more than £300 there are three stages:

25% in advance, on receipt of the first part-payment invoice;

25% half-way through the project [by words], on receipt of the second part-payment invoice; and

50% on receipt of the final invoice, which is sent with the completed work.

–  All fees are quoted in, and are payable in, £ GBP Sterling, from outside Uk by TransferWise and from inside UK by bank transfer. See section 5 for more details.

  • If you absolutely can neither pay from within the UN nor pay in £ GB sterling via Transferwise, please ask for a quote in Euros: this quote will be at a premium rate, to reflect the various extra costs and uncertainties.

For any queries, and/or a hypothetical quote, and/or a copy of the Memo on large academic proofreading jobs, please email Damian Randle at englisheditsardegna[at]

Please note: I work as a freelance, not registered for VAT. Please check whether this will cause problems if the work is to be paid for by your institution and how they might be resolved.


4. Technicalities of text submission:

Unless otherwise agreed, documents should be in MS Word or Rich Text Format, formatted as follows. If not, English Edit UK will alter them so as to render the proofreading job more easily feasible.

– normal text set at 12pt throughout;

headings sized consistently (use three sizes max: 12pt bold, 14 pt bold and 18pt bold);

1½-line spaced throughout the document;

– all four margins set at 2 cm throughout the document.

– a ‘footer’ inserted, in 8pt typesize, on each page giving your name, month & year, an abbreviated title of the document and the page number.

Pdfs are fine and are edited and/or annotated using Foxit or equivalent.


5. “How does TransferWise work?”

For full information go to [or /de, /fr, /es . . ], but briefly:-

1.  Register, the first time you do it: thereafter you just log in;

2.  Tap in my invoice amount, in £ GBP, and the destination details [i.e., my bank];

3.  You see the estimated € cost for your order;

4.  Upload your payment: choose debit card or bank transfer to pay in € from your account;

5.  Enter details and upload the money.

TransferWise then converts the Euros and sends the £ GB Pounds to me in 1 – 4 days.

They email you and you can track your transfer via the “My Payments” page.

Can’t use TransferWise?  You can pay by Paypal, to d.j.randle[at] with the addition of a 10% premium to cover my extra costs.