Academic publications

As a tutor and MSc Programme Leader, I examined hundreds of theses and dissertations, on a vast range of topics, many with an eye to preparing for publication. These were from both native English speakers and overseas students. Interestingly, proofreading for overseas students and staff to help them produce correct, flowing English enormously enhanced my skill and judgement when editing the work of native speakers.

As a writer and editor-in-chief of MSc Distance Learning materials, up to 2011, I dealt with the scientific, technical, social and ecological aspects of architecture, energy and environment. Working with Italian academics from 2012 has widened my range even further: PhD thesis topics have ranged from ancient Rome to African Anthropology and scholarly papers have included Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship, Statistics, Psychology, Child development, Neurophysiology, European Anthropology, Philosophy and Geomorphology. I also ‘passed a test’ with a team of medical researchers at the university of Milan for proofreading their papers.

My antennae are fully attuned to the needs of the academic writer and as an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders my standards are high.

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