At a glance . . .

i)  you’ll pay the start-up fee of £25 [€30] + a per-word rate.

ii) This rate is between £0.012 and £0.036 (€0.014 to €0.043], depending on the complexity of the job [= how easy or difficult it is to interpret what you mean, in English 🙂 ] and consequently the time required.

iii) I provide a quote which you can rely on, assuming the sample you send is representative; if not we will have renegotiated amicably :-).

iv) The fee includes time for follow-up queries, clarifications and discussion [several iterations by email].

v) Theses and dissertations: the start-up fee is £50 [€60] but a 10% discount is offered on the total fee to account for economies of scale and the poverty of many students . . . . .